Our Introduction

Professional, Reliable and Your Best Choice

LSA Spotless Cleaning Services Ltd is our ambitious little family-run business based in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Headed by a husband and wife duo, we aim to carve out a niche for ourselves by offering a cleaning experience that sets us apart from all other cleaning companies in Edinburgh.

We pride ourselves on bringing personality, enthusiasm, and efficiency to every job we do, whether it be regular professional office servicing or a one-off domestic carpet clean after a party that got out of hand! Thanks to our years of experience, we know full well that no two jobs are the same, which is why it's one of our core principles to be adaptable and work flexibly to suit your needs.

Best Experts in Cleaning

Your Happiness Is Our Frist Priority

No matter who gets sent out to you, you can rest assured that they'll be polite, friendly, and naturally great at their job! We like to think of ourselves as a big, abnormally-hygiene-focused family here at LSA, and we don't let anyone into the fold without some heavy vetting first. Countless customers have given us excellent feedback about the service and staff we provide from the very first clean.

Richard & Lynn

The Cleaning Duo

We are the brains behind the business! We know each other inside and out which allows us to work together to provide a spotless service for all. This is our passion, so we believe working together and working well is the most important thing, which we can guarantee.


Canine Support Unit

I am the family pet and the furry mascot of the business! I am a ball of energy who is full of life and always looking for attention and cuddles. When I am not enjoying walks with my two loving owners, I am eyeing up some treats to enjoy!